Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The self made title THE FASHION SHOW came upon a childhood dream of fashion. It's a mixtape design to show the creativity of an flashy artist. Louie V. Trav is a flamboyant rapper that target fashion and street musiq. Louie V is a young man that got caught up in the streets at a young age but was alwayz into fashion. While interviewing him he told us "rapping is like doin a art project to me so I visualize then sketch so coming out with a mixtape is basicly introducing Travis to the musiq game in a creative way so why not do it as a show as THE FASHION SHOW".

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  1. Louie V is one of the hottest underground rappers in the business. The rap game wont be the same once he emerges. Rap music is becoming more mainstream and Birdz View Music Group will be around!